Sally is available for personal shopping and style consultation services – both in person for clients living in the Twin Cities, and via e-mail for clients worldwide. Over the past six years she has provided makeover services to dozens of women of all shapes, sizes, and tastes everywhere from St. Paul to Houston to D.C. and received countless kudos for her innovative, effective methods.

For clients living in the Twin Cities, in-person consultations can be scheduled at any time. Evenings and weekend time slots are generally available several weeks in advance, and starting in September 2011 weekday time slots will be available, too. The style consult process can have up to three steps:

In-home closet consult
Sally will come to your home and help you evaluate the contents of your current wardrobe. You'll be trying stuff on for her so she can see how it works on your body. You'll start with items you're not sure about, look at items you love but don't know how to wear, and then examine your favorite ensembles and jazz them up a bit. Together, you should be able to assemble 6-12 great outfits from what you already have and generate a shopping list for new items.

Personal shopping
Sally will accompany you to predetermined stores and boutiques if you’d like to get some real-time feedback on new styles and fits.

Online recommendations
If you'd prefer to shop on your own from home, Sally can recommend some web options, shops to check, and specific pieces or styles that you should try. She can provide a selection of 5 websites, 5 brick-and-mortar stores, and 20 specific items for you within two weeks of your closet consult.

Please contact Sally at for further details and rates.

Not a resident of the Twin Cities, but still want to work with Sally on crafting your personal style? Online consultations are labor-intensive, but effective and enjoyable. Long-distance consults generally include the following steps:

  1. You'll be asked to do some general writing about your style.
  2. You'll be asked to take some photos of yourself to send to Sally so she can get a sense of your figure and style.
  3. You'll do a complete closet inventory and describe what you already own as best you can.
  4. After some back-and-forth e-mailing, Sally will send you Polyvore sets, a big evaluation, and a list of recommendations for creating the style you want, including links to specific items to consider purchasing and/or places to look for inspiration.

Sally makes regular working trips to Chicago, and can often take in-person consultations while in town. In the coming months, trips to Boston and San Francisco are likely as well.

If you live outside the Twin Cities but would prefer an in-person consultation, please e-mail with questions and timelines.

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